SPOILER WARNING: First and Second Formic War plot details follow.

The Gagak was a Somalian scavenger ship captained by Arjuna.[1]


The crew of the Gagak was based around family and goodwill.The crew considered themselves to be crows compared to the more deadly scavengers, which were normally referred to as vultures.[1]

After it was converted into a mining ship, it became known as one of the most heavily shielded ships in the Kuiper Belt.[2]


Earth Afire

Shortly after the Battle of the Belt, Arjuna decided to search for new temporary crew members, which led to the woman and children of El Cavador becoming crew members of the Gagak for the purpose of a scavenging after the Formic devastation.[1]

Earth Awakens

Rena Delgado, the leader of the remaining El Cavador crew, soon became the second-in-command of the Gagak. She talked with Arjuna on many topics, later asking for the ship to be converted into a mining vessel to increase profits. Due to the patriarchal nature of the Somalian crew, this required a man from the "tribe" of El Cavador to represent this decision. The only surviving male from the crew was Rena's son, Victor Delgado.[1]

The Swarm

When Victor Delgado came aboard the ship after the end of the First Formic War, he brought with him many materials to be used to convert the Gagak into a mining ship. After this reconstruction was completed, they traveled to the Kuiper Belt to mine.[2]

After the discovery of Formic activity on Asteroid 2030CT, the ship was seized by the International Fleet and Imala Bootstamp was named as captain, as she was the only Fleet member in the crew.[2]

After being instructed by the Fleet, the Gagak traveled four months to Turris Outpost. The leaders of the crew met with Captain Mangold, who explained that the Gagak would have to be purchased by the International Fleet. Imala negotiated a better price and deal for Arjuna, and Mangold detailed the ship's mission: to head out into deep space to investigate a Formic "observer" ship outside the solar system that the IF believed held the Hive Queen.[2]



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