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SPOILER WARNING: Children of the Fleet plot details follow.

The Fleet School Terrorists were a group of South American terrorists organized by Achilles de Flandres.[1]


The terrorists themselves originated from South America, with at least one member being from Brazil. They were organized and funded by Achilles in his attempt to gain control of Earth and take revenge on Battle School, now turned into Fleet School.[1]


Children of the Fleet

As a part of the larger Wars on Earth from 2-8 AX, the terrorist attack on Fleet School was organized by Achilles de Flandres. He gathered a group of South Americans who wanted the International Fleet to become involved with the Wars on Earth and planned for them to attack the Fleet School, triggering the Fleet to attack its source, which was meant to be ambiguous but decidedly from Earth. They believed that when the Fleet intervened, they would assist smaller countries who were being conquered by the larger powers.[1]

To accomplish this, they kidnapped a prospective Fleet School student, Dabeet Ochoa, and told him to signal the terrorists once he was on the station that it was clear to attack. They threatened to kill his mother if he did not comply.[1]

Several months later, they used his mother to send an encrypted message telling him the date of their attack.[1]

The terrorists either chartered or stole a Juke Limited ship and loaded it to the brim with Vacoplaz mining explosives and docket it at the Fleet School. The terrorists on board the ship entered the station. Dabeet Ochoa saw the ship and alerted his team consisting of Monkey, Ignazio Cabeza, Zhang He, Bartolomeo Ja, Ragnar Olafson and Teburoro Timeon and they came up with the plan to blow the ship away from the station using the airlock. It worked, and when members of the terrorist organization on Earth saw it occur they set off the explosives, but it did not damage the station.[1]

The terrorists on board were told to stand down as their attack had failed, and after they were told that it was a suicide mission 2 of their officers were killed by their own men. They were locked in the battlerooms of Fleet School and later taken away as prisoners by Fleet soldiers.[1]


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