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First Meetings in Ender's Universe, originally published as First Meetings: Three Stories from the Enderverse, and also published as First Meetings: In the Enderverse, is a collection of short stories from the Enderverse by Orson Scott Card. There are four stories in the book, entitled "The Polish Boy", "Teacher's Pest", the original novella "Ender's Game", and "The Investment Counselor".


Other than the Ender's Game short story, "Investment Counselor" was the first story published from the anthology. It first appeared in Far Horizons: All New Tales from the Greatest Worlds of Science Fiction edited by Robert Silverberg in May 1999. "The Polish Boy" and "Teacher's Pest" were both first published as part of First Meetings.[1]

First Meetings was originally published in 2002 as a hardcover First Meetings: Three Stories from the Enderverse, and included the 1977 Ender's Game short story, "The Polish Boy" and "The Investment Counselor". It featured a cover and interior illustrations from Gail Cross.[1]

In 2003, it was republished as a hardcover First Meetings: In the Enderverse, now including "Teacher's Pest" for the first time as well as a cover by Julie Bell and nineteen interior illustrations by Craig Phillips. Finally and most recently, it was republished again in 2004 as a softcover First Meetings in Ender's Universe and included a reader's guide giving a synopsis of the included stories and discussion questions.[1]