The Exploratory Service was an organization that managed planets in their exploration stage, before they were granted continuing status. They worked in conjunction with the Ministry of Colonization and Starways Congress. While they were a distinctly named organization during 500 AX,[1]by 3000 AX they appeared to have been assimilated into Congress directly.[2]



The Exploratory Service was first mentioned in 500 AX, but they appeared to have been in operation for centuries prior.[1]


By about 500 AX, Starways Congress appeared to have incorporated the Exploratory Service and Ministry of Colonization under its umbrella.[1] However, by approximately 3000 AX these distinct organizations under the control of Congress appeared to have been directly assimilated into Starways Congress itself, with no nominal distinction between branches.[2]


The Exploratory Service was the first organization that a planet would be managed under. Its jurisdiction was for colonies that were still being explored that had not been granted continuing status, meaning that the colony had the chance to be terminated and dispersed to other planets at any time. After a colony had been granted continuing status, it fell under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Colonization.[1]



The position of Proconsul was delegated to those in the Exploratory Service who governed over planets that had not been granted continuing status. Dabeet Ochoa was Proconsul of the planet Catalunya.[1]


Planets under jurisdiction


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