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The Enderverse, also known as the Ender's Game series, Ender's Game saga or Ender's Game Universe, is a science fiction series of works authorized or created by Orson Scott Card.

The series started with "Ender's Game", a short story published in the August 1977 issue of Analog magazine. Due to the major success of the story, Card later expanded it into a novel of the same name.

Currently, the series consists of 17 novels, 16 short stories, 13 comic series and one-shots, 1 manga, 1 film, and 1 audioplay adaptation.


Ender Quintet

Note: Sometimes known as the Ender Quartet, depending on whether or not one considers Ender in Exile to be a part of the sub-series.

Shadow Saga

The First Formic War

The Second Formic War

Fleet School

Stand-alone novels

Short stories


Reference books




Publication order of novels

Chronological order of stories

This is a listing of the chronological order of canon stories. The position on this list is determined by the point at which the story begins. Some stories take place concurrently with others, and are marked as such with a /.

A few stories are unreleased, but their place in the timeline is known.

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