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The Enderverse, also known as the Ender's Game series, Ender's Game saga, Ender's Game Universe, or Ender's Universe is a series of science fiction works authorized or created by Orson Scott Card.

The series began with "Ender's Game", a short story published in the August 1977 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine. Due to the huge success of the story, Card later expanded it into a novel of the same name 8 years later.

Currently, the series consists of 18 novels, 16 short stories, 2 short story anthologies, 1 collection of essays, 13 comic series and one-shots, 1 manga, 1 film, 1 reference book, and 1 audioplay adaptation.

About Sub-Series

The novels of the Enderverse can broadly be categorized into sub-series that focus on the same characters, events, or themes. While Orson Scott Card and Tor Books have established a variety of sub-series for the Enderverse over the years, these "official" designations are frequently changed and are often inconsistent. For example, let's look at some of the most recent Enderverse material: The Last Shadow and the revised publishing of the Ender Quintet, both of which were released in 2021:

On the first page of The Last Shadow and the Second Revised Mass Market Editions of the Ender Quintet, where the sub-series of the Enderverse and Card's other works are shown, the series are split up into the "Ender Saga" (which contains the Ender Quintet as well as TLS, despite TLS' title resembling the Shadow Saga's naming conventions), the "Ender's Shadow Series", Children of the Fleet which is left on its own with no series designation, the First and Second Formic War Trilogies, and then "Ender Novellas" which contains A War of Gifts: An Ender Story and First Meetings in Ender's Universe (though both book names are shortened).[1]

On the other hand, on the Third Trade Paperback Edition of the Ender Quintet, also released in 2021, the series are split into "Ender" (which is just the Ender Quintet), "Ender's Shadow", the First and Second Formic War Trilogies, Children of the Fleet is put under "Stand-Alone Novels", and A War of Gifts and First Meetings are again under "Ender Novellas". [2]

Thus, with such an inconsistent direction from official sources that lend to the confusion of how to read the Enderverse, the wiki has decided to slightly modify the official sub-series designations to be more understandable by a general audience.


Ender Quintet

Note: Sometimes known as the Ender Quartet, due to Ender in Exile being published 10 years after CoTM.
Note: While Ender in Exile was released after CoTM, it is placed after Ender's Game here to show the chronological order of stories.

Shadow Saga

The First Formic War

The Second Formic War

Other Tales from the Ender Universe

Stand-Alone Novels

Short stories

Short stories in the Enderverse fall into 3 categories: Those that are retconned and are no longer Canon, those that are republished as part of full novels, and those that remain unincorporated.

The Ender's Game Wiki considers short stories that have not been retconned and those that have significant sections not republished within novels to be Canon (see notes next to titles for indication). The short stories are in publication order below.


Most Enderverse comics are merely adaptations of preexisting material, however Recruiting Valentine and The League War include content that is not found elsewhere in the series, making them Canon according to the Wiki's guidelines.

Reference books




Publication order of Canon short stories and novels

Chronological order of Canon stories

This is a listing of the chronological order of canon stories. The position on this list is determined by the point at which the story begins. Some stories take place concurrently with others, and are marked as such with a /.

The Queens is unreleased, but its place in the timeline is known.