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SPOILER WARNING: Ender Quintet plot details follow.

"Ender in Flight" is a short story written by Orson Scott Card.  It tells the story of a power struggle between Ender Wiggin and Admiral Quincy Morgan on the voyage to the colony world of Shakespeare. It appears in Card's webzine, the InterGalactic Medicine Show.[1]

Story Details

Ender and Valentine Wiggin were on their way to the new human colony planet Shakespeare, where Ender was to become the governor. Most of the passengers on board decided to be put in stasis for the two year duration of the flight. Alessandra and Dorabella Toscano were among the few colonists who chose to stay awake. During the trip, they befriended Ender as Dorabella wanted Ender to fall in love with and marry her daughter. The captain of the ship, Admiral Quincy Morgan, had a power struggle with Ender who he considered to be nothing more than a spoiled teenager. However, as soon as the ship landed the captain was reminded by Ender, and his superiors from the International Fleet, that Ender was his superior officer on the planet and that he had to return to Earth.[1]

Relationship to "The Gold Bug" and Ender in Exile

According to Card, he came up with the idea for the story while he was writing "The Gold Bug". While working on that short story, he started to think about how Ender got to the colony and came up with the idea of a power-struggle between Ender and the ship's captain.[1]

Parts of this story are spread throughout much of the novel Ender in Exile. It starts at the end of Chapter 7, takes up all of Chapters 8-10, continues in Chapter 13 and 14, and finishes in Chapter 16.


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