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This article is about one of Petra Arkanian and Bean's sons with Anton's Key. You may be looking for his brother with the same name, or other uses of Andrew.

Andrew Delphiki, nicknamed Ender, was the eldest son of Petra Arkanian and Bean and a passenger on the Herodotus.[1] He was first introduced in Shadow of the Giant.


Shadow of the Giant

Andrew was born two months prematurely due to the symptoms of Anton's Key that he carried.[2]

He was taken into space aboard the Herodotus along with his father Bean, and his siblings Carlotta and Cincinnatus. One of his brothers who did not carry Anton's Key stayed behind on Earth and was also named Andrew to avoid suspicion when this Andrew disappeared. To differentiate between the two, Bean called him Ender, for Andrew 'Ender' Wiggin.[2]

The four-person family traveled at relativistic speeds to forstall death, waiting for scientists on Earth to develop a cure for Anton's Key.[1]





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