"Ender's Homecoming" is a short story written by Orson Scott Card. It tells the story of how Ender Wiggin's parents and sister conspired to keep him from returning to Earth in order to keep him safe. It appears in Card's webzine, the InterGalactic Medicine Show.[1]

Story Details

When Ender’s mother, Theresa Wiggin, received a letter from Colonel Hyrum Graff she was shocked to learn that he thought that Ender might need protection. After she thought about it and discussed it with her husband, John Paul Wiggin, she realized that Ender would never be safe on Earth. Since they could not come right out and say that they wanted their son to stay in space, they decided to get their children to help persuade people that this was the best thing to do.[1]

Theresa sent the letter from Graff to Ender’s sister Valentine which helped her to realize that Ender won’t be safe on Earth. John Paul made a comment to Peter suggesting that he would always be in Ender’s shadow if he returned to Earth. As a result, Valentine and Peter began a media campaign to keep Ender in space. Valentine then wrote a letter to Graff asking to be sent into space to be with her brother.[1]

Connection to Ender in Exile

Most of this story appears as Chapter 1 of the novel Ender in Exile. The final email from Valentine to Hyrum Graff at the end of the story is the beginning of Chapter 2.[2]


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