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Dink Meeker was the commander of Rat Army and a member of Ender's Jeesh.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Game.


Early Life

Dink was born in the Netherlands. At a young age, he was identified as prospective Battle School student and was accepted into the institution.[1]

Battle School

Dink eventually joined Rat Army and later became a toon leader. When Ender Wiggin joined Rat Army, he was moved into Dink's toon.[1]

After Rose de Nose graduated from Battle School, Dink was promoted to commander of Rat Army.[1]

As the Third Formic War approached, he and several other students were sent to Tactical School and then to Command School, becoming one of Ender's Jeesh[2].

Shadow of the Hegemon

After the destruction of the Formics, the Jeesh were allowed to return home to Earth. Shortly after his homecoming, however, he was captured by the agents of Achilles de Flandres and held in Russia with the rest of the Jeesh.[3]

Soon after he was rescued, Peter Wiggin sent him home. Since the Netherlands had no military, Dink was sent to Great Britain, where he was put to work in the Anglo-American League.[3]

Shadow of the Giant

Eventually, he accepted Hyrum Graff's proposal to colonize another planet, and left on the second-ever colony ship, set to become governor of the planet when he arrived.[4]


Dink was tough, and often took control of situations.[1]


  • Throughout his military career at Battle School and later at Command School, he was close friends with Petra Arkanian.[1]
  • He didn't believe that the Formics were real during his years in Battle School.[1]
  • He viewed the Battle School teachers as enemies.[1]


"[Ender] could walk between my legs without touching my balls!"
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