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SPOILER WARNING: Shadow Saga plot details follow.

Dimak was a captain in the International Fleet.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Shadow.


Ender's Shadow

While supervising Bean's launch group, Dimak singled out Nero Boulanger, who had challenged him in respects to scores on a series of tests.[1]

Dimak also originally brought Bean to Hyrum Graff's attention by vouching for his brilliance time and time again, and later defended Bean's actions when confronted by Major Anderson regarding Bean's leadership compared to Ender Wiggin's.[1]

Dimak later showed Bean through the station supplies when Bean looked for things to train his soldiers with. Bean eventually found the Deadline, a unique wire used in space construction.[1]

Shadow Puppets

Dimak showed Peter Wiggin and his parents around the Battle School, now the Ministry of Colonization.[1]





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