The design of the Desk from Ender's Game (Film).

A Desk, also known as a Holodesk,[1] was a type of computer tablet used often during the era of the Hegemony.[2]

Design and Function

Battle School Students learning and practicing with the Desk.

A Desk was similar to real-life tablets both in their shape and functionality and that they appeared to be used by much or most of the population. Large desks, like their namesakes, could be mounted for stationary use, whereas smaller desks could be used personally, and were notable for use in Battle School to run the Mind Game and a number of academic programs.[2]



Desks appear to have been based off of the holographic tablets in use during the First Formic War era.[3]

Ender's Game

Desks were in use in Ender Wiggin's elementary school and later in Battle School.[2]

Children of the Fleet

A few years after the end of the Third Formic War, desks were still in use by students in Fleet School.[1]


  • When someone referenced the Apple iPad to Orson Scott Card, jokingly saying they stole his idea from the Desk, Card said that the iPad was still far off from his vision of the Desk.[4]


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