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The Descoladores were a possibly sentient space-faring alien species. Descoladores was a tentative name given to the species by Miro Ribeira, as they were the beings who created the Descolada virus. The only known planet that the aliens had inhabited was the Descoladore Homeworld.[1]


The Descoladores were thought to communicate through gene modification. Miro and Ela Ribeira theorized that they sent instructions for genes to each other, and the recipient made the gene. The receiving Descoladore was then thought to interpret communication through the created gene.[1]

The Descoladores seemed to have a need for the Descolada virus, as they sent the virus to various planets that they appeared to be planning to colonize later, including Lusitania.[1]



At some point in the past, the Descoladores created the Descolada virus and spread it throughout a wide swath of the galaxy, including the homeworld of the Pequeninos, Lusitania. Thousands of years before humans established a colony on the planet, a ship landed on Lusitania containing the Descolada. While it is unknown if any Descoladores were present on the ship, the virus was released from the spacecraft and it then departed the planet.[1]

Children of the Mind

While Miro Ribeira and Valentine Wiggin II used FTL travel to find habitable worlds for the Pequeninos and humans of Lusitania, they came across a planet inhabited by Descoladores. They observed for some time until the Descoladores discovered their presence, and sent a ship to their location. To avoid a confrontation, Jane took the ship back to Lusitania.[1]

Later, an exploratory team consisting of Miro, Valentine II, Ela, Quara Ribeira, Firequencher, and a Formic worker was sent back into orbit around the planet of the Descoladores. Several communications were sent between the planet and the exploratory team, but the explorers did not know how to interpret the messages.[1]


  • Due to the fact that the Descoladores arrived at Lusitania thousands of years before humans colonized the planet, it is indicated that the Descoladores achieved interstellar travel technology before humans and possibly the Formics.[1]


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