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The Descoladore Homeworld was the home planet of the Descoladores.[1]


The planet was light years away from Lusitania, and was a hotspot of technological activity.[1]



Thousands of years before it was discovered, the Descoladores sent robotic probes from the planet, carrying prototypes of the Descolada virus. Eventually, a probe was sent to Lusitania and destroyed the ecosystem of the Pequeninos' homeworld.[1]

Children of the Mind

Jane theorized that the evidence of various Descolada-like viruses in planets had emanated in a cone shape from the Descoladores' homeworld. She took Valentine Wiggin II and Miro Ribeira to the planet when they were searching for possibly habitable worlds. [1]

Later, an exploratory team was sent to orbit the planet and learn their language. Eventually, the team was noticed by the Descoladores and they sent transmissions to their ship. After a ship was sent out from the planet to approach the exploratory team, they retreated to Lusitania.[1]



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