A Deadline was a twine used in space construction.[1]

Design and Function

The Deadline was thin, almost invisible twine used to hold two objects together when constructing things in space. They were incredibly strong, and could only be cut using a blowtorch.[1]

When used in the Battle Room, the sensation described when it tugged around the waist was like your gut has been kicked hard.[1]


Ender's Shadow

The deadline was used often during the construction of Battle School.[1]

Later, Julian Delphiki Jr. found a deadline in the storage compartments of Battle School and used it strategically in Dragon Army's last battle under the command of Ender Wiggin.[1]


"As he sailed through the air, the deadline tautening behind him, he couldn't help thinking: I hope they were right about this wire not being capable of cutting. What a way to end—sliced in half in the Battle Room. That would be an interesting mess for them to clean up. When he was a meter from the wall, the line went taut. Bean's forward progress was immediately halted at his waist. His body jackknifed and he felt he'd been kicked in the gut."
Ender's Shadow, page 323


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