Ear Jewel

The implant in Andrew Wiggin's ear in the Speaker for the Dead (Comic Book).

A Cifi unit, more commonly known as a Jewel, was an electronic microchip connected to an ansible that provided instantaneous communication with the desired individual.[1] Usually worn in one's ear, the implant looked like a purple jewel[1] and would connect to one’s earlobe.[2] Andrew Wiggin, Peter Wiggin II, and Miro Ribeira wore one in order to have constant communication with Jane.[3]

The implants were commonplace on various worlds, but were considered unnatural or disrespectful to some.[1]


The word "cifi unit" was possibly a phoneticized acronym for "Cochlear Implanted Philotic Interface". The 'ph' was most likely replaced by 'f' as a simplification in Starcommon over many centuries of use among the Hundred Worlds.


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