Colonel Chua was a soldier in the Chinese People's Liberation Army.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Awakens.


Earth Awakens

Colonel Chua was assigned to work at the Dragon's Den. One day a young boy named Bingwen approached him wanting to return a map to an Anglo soldier, who was not suppose to leave the restricted area. While he was talking with Bingwen, a girl named Pipo ran up, trying to take the map back as it belonged to their sister. Chua discovered that the Anglo soldier had been visiting their sister, Ju-long, in the night and gave her the map. Eventually Pipo hit her brother Bingwen. Chua then tried asking Bingwen who the soldier was, but he could not describe him, so Chua took the boy into the restricted area, as the Anglo soldier was not supposed to be leaving.[1]

Chua interrupted a meeting between Major Shenzu, Mazer Rackham, and several other officers, so Bingwen could point out the Anglo man. Chua quickly learned from Mazer that Bingwen and Pipo had pulled a trick on Chua, so that Bingwen could access the restricted area. Chua wanted to punish Bingwen and Pipo himself, but Mazer promised to punish them for him. Chua then left the meeting.[1]


Chua was an unsympathetic soldier and rulebook zealot, which was why Bingwen pulled the trick on him.




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