SPOILER WARNING: "Renegat" plot details follow.

Catalunya, originally named Whydah, was a non-independent planet under the jurisdiction of Starways Congress and the Exploratory Service.[1]


Catalunya was settled by humans of Iberian descent. The human colony consisted of the city of Tarragona and a few small agricultural outposts on the outskirts.[1]



Catalunya, then known as Whydah was settled by pirates during the Great Expansion. They traveled on a generation ship, and established the colony of Fancy and encountered the Llop, but eventually they abandoned the settlement. It was later resettled by the Exploratory Service a century before Andrew Wiggin came to the planet.[1]


After the death of Kenneth Argon, the proconsul of Catalunya, Dabeet Ochoa, called for a Speaker for the Dead. By coincidence, the Speaker Andrew Wiggin was already en route to the planet, and arrived shortly after the call went out. He investigated the death of Argon along with his sister Valentine and the possible sentience of the Llop.[1]


  • Catalunya was named after the autonomous region of Spain, Catalonia (spelled Catalunya in Catalan).[2]
  • The original name of Catalunya, Whydah, originated from the Whydah Gally, the flagship of the pirate Black Sam Bellamy.[3]


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