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This article is about one of Petra Arkanian and Bean's daughters with Anton's Key. You may be looking for the Catholic nun or her sister with the same name.

Bella Loyrinha Delphiki, nicknamed Carlotta, was the daughter of Petra Arkanian and Bean and a passenger on the Herodotus.[1] She was first introduced in Shadow of the Giant.


Shadow of the Giant

Bella was conceived by Bean and Petra, but her embryo was stolen by Achilles de Flandres. She was implanted into a surrogate mother in Portugal and birthed there. Petra later received the girl, who carried the genetic mutation of Anton's Key, and kept her to be raised with Bean. She had been named Bella by her surrogate parents.[2]

She was taken into space aboard the Herodotus along with her brothers Ender and Cincinnatus and her father. One of her sisters, Bella Delphiki, who did not carry Anton's Key, stayed behind on Earth and was also named Bella to avoid suspicion when 'Carlotta' Bella disappeared. To differentiate between the two, Bean called her Carlotta, for the nun who had cared for him as a child.[2]





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