Bobby Lands was an admiral in the Interstellar Fleet of Starways Congress and the commander of the Lusitania Fleet.[1] He was first introduced in Children of the Mind.


Speaker for the Dead

After discovering that xenobiologists Miro Ribeira and Ouanda Figueira had broken conduct rules with the Pequeninos, Starways Congress ordered that a fleet be sent to Lusitania to destroy the planet and the deadly Descolada virus that had become intertwined with the world with the Molecular Disruption Device. Admiral Bobby Lands left his homeworld and became the commander of the Lusitania Fleet.[2]

Children of the Mind

Due to Peter Wiggin II and Si Wang-mu's actions, Starways Congress cancelled the order to deploy the Molecular Disruption Device. Admiral Lands disobeyed the changed orders because he believed that destroying Lusitania would save the human race from the devastating effects of the Descolada. Peter II and Wang-mu, along with the help of Jane, transported the M.D. Device back onto the flagship of the Lusitania Fleet. After explaining the changes that had taken place on Lusitania, Peter instructed Lands to write up a report to his superiors that the Descolada had been contained and that it no longer posed any danger, and that the Formic species had been reborn on Lusitania. Dismayed, Lands agreed.[1]


While most other humans viewed Ender Wiggin as a monstrosity for destroying the Formics, Lands admired him for doing what needed to be done. He viewed himself as the next "Ender", who would destroy the Pequeninos for the greater good of humanity.




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