SPOILER WARNING: Ender Quintet plot details follow.

Bernard was a Battle School Student.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Game.


Ender's Game

Bernard was in Ender Wiggin's Launch Group. He sat behind Ender on the shuttle to the Battle School. Hyrum Graff had already been working to separate Ender from the rest of the launch group, and Bernard was first to bite at the opportunity to set Ender straight. Bernard unbuckled from his seat, and started hitting Ender on the head. Ender did not just sit idly, and Bernard ended up with a broken left arm.[1]

Later, Bernard’s status as “martyr” helped him gain status as a leader in their launch group. The bigger children picked on the smaller kids, including Ender. They tripped him, called him names, and took his things if Ender forgot to lock them up properly. Ender did not enjoy the torment, and could not see any purpose in letting it continue, so he devised a plan and eventually brought the group together using computer skills he’d gained from home, as well as his people skills.[1]

Later, Bernard was one of the boys with Bonzo Madrid who came to kill or seriously injure Ender Wiggin while he was in command of Dragon Army, but Ender convinced Bonzo to face him alone and the other boys left.[1]




"We're tired of you. Tomorrow you graduate. On ice."
Ender's Game, page 208


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