Master Arjo was a Buddhist monk.[1] He was first introduced in The Swarm.


The Swarm

One day, Master Arjo was mediating while Wilasanee entered the Wat Thung Sri Muang temple. After he finished meditating, he waited for Wila to finish praying.[1]

After she was done, Wila and Arjo engaged in conversation, with Wila stating that she believed the Formic Hive Queen was on the path to Buddhahood. While Arjo explained that many doubted her very existence, he knew there was a mind beyond human comprehension that was controlling the Formics. However, he thought that the Hive Queen was not a bodhisatta due to the fact that she inflicted more suffering upon Earth than anything before.[1]

Wila said that she believed the Hive Queen had a philote, the theoretical fundamental building block of all matter and energy. She explained the Philotic Theory to Arjo, who was skeptical but believed Wila had good ideas. Arjo stood up, and asked Wila to walk him through the garden to hear her perspective on life.[1]



  • Master Arjo was blind due to his cataracts.[1]



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