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Alai was a Battle School Student and a member of Ender's Jeesh[1], and later went on to become the Caliph of Muslim Nations[2]. He was first introduced in Ender's Game.


Battle School

As a part of Ender Wiggin's launch group, Alai was one of the more influential members of Bernard’s clique. Alai was very smart, and during their first Battle Room introduction, Ender found himself talking to Alai trying to figure out how things worked. This contact finally bridged the gap in the launch group, binding Ender’s group and Bernard’s group, with Alai as the glue bonding them. They collaborated together often, and Alai became one of Ender’s closest friends and supported Ender in his extra training sessions. In one very personal conversation, Alai whispered one word that would help Ender through many tough spots, "Salaam". Alai was one of the students chosen to advance to Command School to be a part of Ender's Jeesh.[1]

Back on Earth

After the Third Invasion, Alai became Caliph of the Muslim nations, being their chief military, political and spiritual leader. He then successfully orchestrates them into a combined attack against China, removing from China's control both its recent acquisitions in India, and the rest of Southern Asia. (Also much older conquests such as Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia).[2]

Alai's Muslim Empire starts to fall apart due to the actions of extremists. Alai faces a China under the control of the new emperor, Han Tzu (Hot Soup), a fellow Battle School graduate and member of Ender's Jeesh, and an India under the control of the Battle School graduate Virlomi, who has declared herself a Hindu Goddess. Alai tries to ally with India by marrying Virlomi, but turmoil leads the extremists and the Indian people to conspire against him. Alai flees his empire after narrowly escaping an assassination attempt. After peace has been restored, Alai leaves Earth with the help of the International Fleet to colonize another world.[3]




"Sorry to suspect you, but I'd be remiss if I didn't."
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