Akbar was an ensign in the International Fleet and a crew member of IFcoltrans1.[1] He was first introduced in Ender in Exile.


Ender in Exile

Ensign Akbar served under Admiral Quincy Morgan's command of the IFcoltrans1. After the ship arrived at Shakespeare, although he wanted to stay, Akbar knew he must report back to duty to travel to another colony.[1]

While planetside, he tried to tell Dorabella Toscano to let her daughter Alessandra be independent from her and stay on the colony world. However, Dorabella said she will have her husband Quincy Morgan court martial him for encouraging her daughter to stay at Shakespeare, even if she had to lie to Morgan and say that he tried to rape her. Ender Wiggin, who had watched the entire scene unfold, uses his power as an admiral to officially retire Akbar from service in the International Fleet in order to let Akbar become a colonist.[1]





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